26 Awesome Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

We all could use a few tips to make our lives a little easier. Sure, there are things you’ve been doing wrong and it’s hilarious when we find out how easier something can be accomplished with simple life hacks.

The internet is full of life hacks and I’ve assembled a list of best life hacks that I’ve seen so far. These 26 simple life hacks have made my life a little easier and hope that you’ll find them as useful as I did!

1) Falling screws are especially frustrating when you’re on a ladder.

2) No more wrinkled shirts with simple life hacks.

3) Always know what side the exit will be on.

4) Strap a dollar store headlamp to an empty plastic jug for an instant portable lantern.

5) Stop people from stealing your favorite pens.

6) Waterproof canvas shoes with beeswax

7) A great trick when you run out of correction fluid.

8) Soft drink lids double as a convenient coaster.

9) Save space in your dresser and prevent wrinkles by rolling your clothes and storing them vertically side by side.

10) When you run out of AA batteries, use AAA batteries instead.

They both have the same voltage but won’t last as long as AA batteries. It’s a great way to continue using your device until you purchase more AA batteries. Just place rolled up pieces of foil to help them reach both contacts and you’re good to go!

11) Take-out containers can be used as a plate.

12) How to filter how junk mail and keep your sanity.

13) A great way to avoid Cheetos fingers. Practice your chopstick skills at the same time!

14) Dryer sheets are so expensive. I gotta try this!

15) A great way to make your luggage unique.

16) Make perfectly round eggs for your breakfast egg muffin sandwich.

Simply add a little water to a pan, place a slice of onion and crack an egg inside it. Perfectly round poached eggs for your breakfast egg muffin sandwich!

17) This is especially useful on packing tape!

18) Secure it to your wall correctly the first time with this handy tip.

I wish I knew simple life hacks like this one sooner because I have struggled with this so many times!

19) Instant ice cream sandwiches.

20) No mess.

21) Easily say goodbye to unpopped kernels.

22) The people around you will thank you.

23) Attach PVC pipes together and secure it to your leaf blower to easily clean your eavestroughs.

24) Taking out the garbage can leave a stinky leaky mess but not with this tip.

25) Use a colander to avoid a crumby bowl of cereal.

26) Never lose your gas cap again.

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