When Strangers Were Asked to Write down Their Biggest Regret, They All Started with This 3 Letter Word

People in New York City Write Down Their Biggest Regret in Life.

When I was 25, one of my biggest regrets was not going to college. At the time, I felt too old to go back to college; however, how silly I was to think that I was ever too old to better my education. I picked up the phone and enrolled in a 4-year degree program and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

When a chalkboard was placed on a street in New York City, people were asked to “Write Your Biggest Regret” and they did. After the chalkboard was full, there was a 3 letter word that was common in almost everything people wrote. NOT applying to med school, NOT saying “I love you”, NOT pursuing my artistic passion, and the list goes on.

Watch people writing their biggest regret…


This video by Strayer University reminds us that every day is a clean slate. In fact, one common regret of people at the end of their life is not taking a chance. The words “not” or “never” should not stand in the way of following our dreams.

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