Motherhood Is a Life-Changing Experience and the Reasons Why Will Make You Laugh and Cry

This Is What Motherhood Is All about and It Is Life-Changing.

A mother always has a special place in her children’s hearts and is a comforting person who shelters us and guides us throughout our lives. Motherhood is a life-changing experience but in a fantastic way.

You may not realize the following video is an ad for the Boba baby carrier but it provides words that describe what being a mother is all about and each word is touching.

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  • Calm & Connected: Take in every magical moment with your little one wrapped up in this classic wrap. The sound of your heartbeat, the rhythmic bounce, and the best view in town keep your baby calm and connected and can even reduce crying and soothe them to sleep!

Watch and celebrate motherhood with ‘You Made Me a Mother’…


Ok, who’s cutting onions in here ?! Please share this touching video with every mother or mother-to-be you know 🙂

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