Here Are 5 Hilarious Steps for Getting through a French Conversation If You Don’t Speak French

5 Hilarious Steps for Faking through a French Conversation.

I love the French language and if you are fluent in it, it makes learning other languages like Italian or Spanish much easier and vice versa. But is there a way to fake a French conversation?

Comedienne Erica Guaca answers that question by demonstrating 5 steps to get you through a quick French conversation and it is hilarious. The key to any good conversation is to be a good listener and to speak only when necessary to keep the conversation going so she may be on to something!


H/t: Laughing Squid

I speak French and English and thought this was very funny. According to a recent Google Translate survey, French was found to be the language of love so that alone might be a good reason to pick up a new language!

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