The New Canadian Passport Has Luminescent Artwork but You Can Only See It If You Do This

I live in Canada and somewhat surprised I didn’t find this out until now! Canada’s ePassport which made its debut in July 2013 has just reached a level of uber coolness due to its security features.

Imgur user chachichachichicken posted photos of the new Canadian Passport which has new luminescent artwork that reveals itself under a black light. The features have been available since its debut but only now come to light (pun intended) thanks to the photos that were posted to imgur last week.

The Centre Block of Parliament


Samuel de Champlain, Father of New France


The Fathers of Confederation


Canada’s Prairies


Niagara Falls, Ontario


Nellie McClung, from the statue of the Famous Five and Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope


Cape Spear, Newfoundland and Labrador and the famed Bluenose schooner




All these wonderful details can only be revealed under a black light and adds an incredible amount of security.

H/t: imgur

Black lights are inexpensive and if you also have a Canadian passport, take a second look! Please share how impressive a Canadian passport looks under a black light with your friends and family.

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