This Tiffany Diamond Nail Art Tutorial Is Just in Time for Wedding Season

How To Create Tiffany Blue Diamond Nails Wedding Manicure.

Planning a wedding¬†requires tons of preparations and the bride and groom expects everything to perfect and it should! On the bridal side, a bride should have the perfect dress and hair but don’t forget the perfect wedding nails! Try these Tiffany diamond nails on for size!

A wedding day manicure should be as elegant as the bride herself and this manicure by cutepolish is gorgeous. This Tiffany blue diamond wedding manicure has a sparkling match of nail art designs along with some classy accents.

Watch how to create these gorgeous Tiffany blue diamond nails wedding manicure!


Generally, a French manicure is popular for weddings but these nails look elegant AND fun. Please share this Tiffany blue diamond manicure with your friends and family.

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