Classic Home Decor: The Many Benefits of Solid Wood Flooring

For those who are currently on the market for home flooring, even just a bit of research will likely point you in the direction of solid wood flooring. Even with all of the different types of quality flooring available for the budding homeowner, there are few that match the quality and aesthetics of hardwood flooring for classic home decor.

Classic Home Decor: The Many Benefits of Solid Wood Flooring.

Improving your home, whether it is to elevate the quality or the market value, is all about providing a timeless addition that is built to last. There are many types of flooring to choose from that will undoubtedly prove their worth; however, you will still see most lists place hardwood flooring at the very top. For those who are unsure of why it remains the best, here are just some of the reasons why solid wood flooring provides a quality experience for just about any homeowner.

The classic home decor visuals of a beautiful wooden floor

Among all the other kinds of flooring available, there is something unique about a wooden floor. While plenty of floor materials can emulate the look, the fact that many homeowners would choose laminate or vinyl tile flooring designed after hardwood just goes to show how popular it is compared to its competitors.

Wooden flooring has been used often by homeowners throughout the years; therefore, you would think that it is way past its prime. However, no matter how much time passes, solid wood flooring somehow remains at the top of the popularity charts. Making use of genuine wooden flooring provides not only a classic look but a degree of warmth. It’s safe to assume that hardwood will continue to be one of the most popular choices for years to come.

The market value will undoubtedly increase

Increasing your home’s value is practically mandatory for a homeowner that wants to deal with home improvement. Not only will it make your humble abode a better place to live, but it will also keep its price competitive in the marketplace – allowing you to sell it for a very attractive price in the event that you decide to move to a new area.

Due to the popularity of wooden flooring, it is practically a guarantee that the use of hardwood material ensures a price boost. Even if you might not necessarily want to sell your home, keeping your house competitive in the real estate market should be a priority whenever it undergoes renovations.

Solid wood flooring is adaptable to any classic home decor style

When it is said that wooden flooring provides a quality experience for just about any homeowner, the reason is that the floors mesh with just about any type of home decor you can imagine. Even homeowners with a particular design in mind will agree: Hardwood floors are a compatible choice no matter the situation.

While it might be challenging for some to figure out the best type of flooring for their home, it is highly likely that solid wood will fit the bill. Not only is it an acceptable choice, but it is also the ideal choice in a variety of scenarios. It would be remiss for a homeowner not to at least consider wooden flooring for some areas of their house.

On the topic of air quality

There are some types of flooring that provide plenty of comfort at the price of being more challenging to clean. Carpet flooring offers luxury and comfort; however, its biggest problem is that it ends up trapping dust and all manner of allergens. When purchasing flooring for your home, there will always be at least one shortcoming amidst all of the potential benefits.

In the case of solid wood flooring, worries over cleanliness or air quality will be a thing of the past. Due to its design, there is no way for the hardwood to trap allergens. This makes it the ideal choice for those who have pets. It makes the problem of stray hair and dust much easier to clean.

Solid wood flooring can be refinished

While solid wood floors can guarantee that allergens are not trapped on the flooring, there is still the issue of large pets potentially scuffing the material. Quality hardwood flooring is particularly challenging to scratch; however, having a large pet living in a house with wooden floors long enough will eventually result in scratch marks.

That said, the biggest drawback of solid wood flooring is not enough to keep it down. Unlike most other types of flooring, solid wood’s material ensures that you can refinish it at any point. For other materials, the homeowner might end up replacing a large part of the flooring to deal with excessive scratch marks or stains – solid wood will never suffer from such an issue.

Solid wood flooring won’t hold onto stains

Carpet may well provide the softest option for flooring; however, it has long been infamous for taking much more time to clean and, eventually, need to be replaced. The small, densely packed fibers can easily suffer discoloration when food and drinks are spilled. In addition, muddy feet or paws can tread stains deep into the pile.

Hardwood flooring, however, will not attract red wine and chocolate stains in the same way. A quick wipe down will ensure that it stays looking brand new much longer than more ‘absorbent’ flooring options.

Classic home decor with a persistent luster

Hardwood flooring requires the right type of varnish and a bit of maintenance to retain its luster. That said, it does not suffer from discoloration like other types of flooring. For example, carpet flooring will eventually lose its color over time even if you are careful with maintenance. Hardwood flooring will keep its color no matter the situation. While many different floors will eventually require replacement over the years, hardwood very rarely requires a replacement. Especially when you purchase the more exotic and durable types of solid wood material.

Even with all of the benefits that hardwood provides, choosing a type of flooring for your home is still largely up to personal preference. No matter the case, anyone who is confused about what type of floors their home should remember that you cannot go wrong with quality hardwood flooring.

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