Solve All Your Plant Problems and Avoid Overwatering with One Simple Item…Diapers

Keep your Plants Happy and Avoid Overwatering with Diapers.

When it comes to caring for plants, some people have green thumbs and the rest of us do everything we can to keep plants alive but without success. The rules are simple though. Give them plenty of sunshine, fertilize them twice a year, keep the soil moist not wet. The last step is where many people fail and overwatering is the number one cause of plants dying because the roots simply rot with too much water.

YouTuber Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”, offers a solution that only needs one clean adult diaper. Diapers can hold a lot of water because of water crystals that can hold as much as 500 times their weight in water. By mixing it with your soil, you get a rich super soil that stays always damp and any excess water is absorbed by the crystals.


These crystals are non-toxic and biodegradable so you can also use them in your vegetable garden too. Please share this garden hack using diapers with your friends and family.

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