She Cut Her Water Bottle on Placed It Next to an Iron. What She Created Looks Awesome!

DIY Bracelets Made by Upcycling Plastic Water Bottles.

Bracelets are one type of fashion accessory you could never have enough of. They come in thousands of colors and shapes to suit any style you’re looking for. Just like these resin bracelets made from dried flowers, unique bracelets are a terrific way to showcase your personality or creativity but have you ever thought of making bracelets from plastic water bottles?

It sounds crazy but Innova Crafts has created an awesome video tutorial for creating DIY bracelets by upcycling plastic water bottles and they look beautiful! First, she cuts a piece from a plastic water bottle and puts it next to a clothes iron which makes it curl up and create a lovely bracelet that can be decorated using nail polish or acrylic paint.

Watch how to create DIY bracelets by upcycling plastic water bottles…


Everyone has water bottles that need to be recycled but this is a great way to upcycle water bottles into something pretty and useful. You only need a few supplies to create bracelets from recycled water bottles:

  • plastic bottle
  • tape
  • scissors
  • clothes iron
  • nail polish or acrylic paint.

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