Woman Tries Dodging Magpie Attacks With THIS but Hilariously Fails

Australia is renowned for having cute koalas and kangaroos; however, the country is also home to animals so terrifying, they make you run home while screaming. Huge snakes, leaping lizards, and giant bats are just some of the animals you could encounter. Birds also are abundant but one bird, in particular, the magpie bird is very territorial and attacks innocent people during the breeding season which occurs from August to October.

Amber Wheatland Tries Dodging Magpie Attacks With THIS but Hilariously Fails.

Amber Wheatland, now former co-host of “Amber and Billo’s,” a radio program on Hit99.5 Sunraysia, decided to try some hacks to deter magpies from swooping down and attacking her. As you’ll soon see in the video, she hilariously failed. While one method, putting branches into her bike helmet was effective, another method of painting eyes on the back of her helmet, was not effective, to say the least!

Watch Amber VS the Magpies…


Amber screaming, “the eyes don’t work, the eyes don’t work, get mum, get mum!” as she tries to bike away from swooping magpies just made my day.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Amber and Billo’s – Amber vs the Magpie – The Eyes Don’t Work” by Michael Billings:

  1. “When you’re Lvl. 1 and live in Australia.” – North Star Ken
  2. “M.A.G.P.I.E. – Making Australians Girls Prefer Indoor Exercise.” – vanhouten64
  3. “Until you actually almost get attacked by a magpie, you really don’t realize how terrifying these birds are.” – Krish Thakkar
  4. “‘THE EYES DON’T WORK! THE EYES DON’T WORRRKKK!!!!’ Holy [censored], I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time…” – ieatpilli
  5. “”That was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.” – Drew Kane
  6. “The magpie is simply trying to inform you that you need to cinch your helmet strap tight, because otherwise it can easily come off and leave you vulnerable to cranial impacts from low branches, curbs, automobiles, stop signs, and rabid magpies.” – ouroboris

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