She Couldn’t Sleep Because of Her Husband. Why? You’ll See in This Hilarious Video!

There are several studies indicating that women need more sleep than men but only IF you can fall asleep! A woman was awakened when her husband began laughing while sleeping so she decided to take out her phone.

Wife Captures Her Man Laughing While Sleeping on Video.

She later posted the video online of her husband laughing while sleeping and it instantly went viral. Because it was so funny, America’s Funniest Home Videos also promoted the video which made it even more popular! Her husband definitely had a funny dream and I only hope he remembers his dream in the morning for a second chuckle!

Watch as a wife catches her man laughing while sleeping…

That was definitely not a nightmare and his dream must have been hilarious! Unfortunately, I can’t imagine how anyone could get any sleep with someone laughing in their dreams sleeping next to you!

Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments from the video, “Wife Catches Husband Giggling in his Sleep” by America’s Funniest Home Videos:

  1. “When you don’t have to work the next day.” – slapfin slap
  2. “He got a joke that he heard last morning.” – zabpiotrek127
  3. “Imagine being the wife trying to sleep.” – Chicken nibblez
  4. “Just a few days ago I was laughing in my sleep and woke myself up šŸ˜‚” – Alexis Shines
  5. “It’s a new condition: Sleep laughnea.” – ScorpioHR
  6. “It’s weird because he stops so abruptly.” – Vanger48912
  7. “That’s not even giggling…that’s full-on laughing! LMBO!” – Jenn Escoto
  8. “He’s watching AFV in his dreams!” – K C
  9. “How I sleep knowing Iā€™m a disappointment to my family.” – Enigma
  10. “Lol, he makes me laugh too.” – Annie
  11. “It’s all fun until he yells out his secret girlfriend name.” – jagadeesh anush
  12. “This happened to me yesterday, and I can hear my laugh šŸ˜‚” – Xyldjan De Leon

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