A Man Walks to the Beach and Finds an Injured Sea Turtle. He Helps in the Most Wonderful Way!

Amazing Sea Turtle Rescue of a Turtle Stranded on a Beach.

Humans have a kinship with animals because we share the world with them. Just like this man that bought sea turtles at a local market in order to rescue them, many people thankfully go out of their way to help animals in distress.

A man named Steve Booker decided to walk to the beach to take in the beautiful sunrise and noticed a sea turtle lying on its back. At first glance, he thought she had passed away but noticed her eyes were blinking.

Realizing that she was injured and unable to turn over, he grabbed the massive sea turtle and helped her. In doing so, he also noticed she had minor injuries like a bleeding nose and her shell was slightly cracked but nothing that she wouldn’t heal from.

As she slowly made her way back to sea, Booker recorded the entire experience. I’m sure he was thankful he was at the right place at the right time.

Watch this sea turtle rescue…


Sea turtles live incredibly long lives and thanks to Steve Booker, this turtle just got a second chance at life. Please share this wonderful video of a sea turtle rescue with your friends and family.

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