Angelica Hale Begins to Sing ‘Girl on Fire’ Cover. I Started Cheering When the Guest Judge Did THIS!

Angelica Hale Performs 'Girl On Fire' Cover at AGT 2017.

If you’ve already watched Angelica Hale’s AGT 2017 audition, you already know that she proves big things come in small packages. As she walked up to the stage, nobody could have imagined the gigantic voice of 9-year-old Angelica Hale.

Not only is her voice incredibly powerful, she nearly has amazing pitch and hits every note with ease. During the Judge Cuts portion of America’s Got Talent, Hale performs an unbelievable cover of Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl On Fire’ and you’ll understand why guest judge Chris Hardwick pressed the Golden Buzzer.

Watch Angelica Hale perform ‘Girl On Fire’ cover at America’s Got Talent 2017…


After this performance, Hale truly is a girl on fire because she is blazing her path to greatness! Please share this incredible cover of ‘Girl On Fire’ by Angelica Hale with your friends and family.

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