He Traveled 1,500 Miles to Adopt a Puppy but Soon Went Broke. Watch How He Got Home.

Young Man Goes Broke to Adopt a Dog but It Was Worth It.

Sometimes, we follow our heart and it can make us do things that might seem crazy to others but in our heart, we know it is the right thing to do. Joel Carpenter, 23, was browsing through petfinder.com when he saw an adorable collie-husky mix named Sadie.

The only problem was, she was in Minneapolis, MN which is 1,500 miles away from his home in Portland, ME. He grabbed all the money he had and bought a one-way flight ticket to Minneapolis which cost him $300. When he arrived in Portland, he gave his remaining money, $175 to adopt Sadie.

He managed to catch rides back home using Craigslist and found places to sleep thanks to people who shared their homes on couchfinder, a couch surfing app. He only traveled a few hours a day to prevent his new dog from getting stressed but is fortune turned around when an Inside Edition news team interviewed him. Watch how they helped him get home safely.

Watch this man that went broke flying 1,500 miles to adopt a puppy…


Sometimes, karma finds a way and because he did something good for a dog, he was rewarded with a ticket home. Please share this great story of a young man dedicated to get and adopt the dog he always wanted with your friends and family.

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