Drone Captures a Man Doing THIS 200 Feet in the Air on a Wind Turbine

Drone Captures Man Sunbathing on a Wind Turbine.

There are basically two types of people: those that have a fear of heights and those that don’t. Simply looking at photos of people skywalking or looking fear in the eyes is enough to make my palms sweat.

When a man took his drone near an open area with a wind turbine, he noticed the maintenance door was left opened. Thinking maybe it was a maintenance employee servicing the turbine, he decided to let his drone inspect it further.

As the drone climbs the towering structure and reaches the top nearly 200 feet in the sky, he finds something perched on it. As he gets in closer, he notices it’s not a bird or some other object. To his surprise, it is a man lying down and sunbathing!

Watch this drone capturing video of a man sunbathing on a wind turbine…


He probably needed a quiet place to relax and take in a bit of sunshine and I think he found it! Hopefully it is a maintenance employee that safely knows how to safely get back down. I think it’s safe to say that this man has no fear of heights! If you own a drone, have you ever recorded something equally outrageous?

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