He Found the Cutest Mutt and Took Her In. But Later, He Was in for a Surprise!

There is a huge variety of dog breeds available today and it’s all because of selective cross-breeding. Dogs were found to be domesticated around 14,000 to 17,000 years ago and there is a debate on whether they share wolf lineages.

Regardless, when a gorgeous breed mixes with another gorgeous breed, adorable mixed breed dogs like Phoebe are the result. A man found Phoebe and took her in. He expected she was just another mutt but she is in fact very rare and that makes her even more special.

Meet Phoebe, one of the cutest strays you will ever meet.


When a man found her, he thought she was just another abandoned mutt but took her in anyways.


I mean, with a face this cute, how could you not?


But what he didn’t realize what that she was much more than just a typical mutt.


He was surprised to find out that She is actually a very rare husky and golden retriever mix.

According to The Daily Puppy, “I come from a pack of husky mixes who were roaming around wild. I was hungry, crying, and exhausted. When my people found me, they picked me up and I stopped crying. I was nine weeks old and had every parasite going!”


It’s a fairly new breed and Phoebe couldn’t be any cuter.


She has a calm temperament which Golden Retrievers are renowned for and thick, fluffy fur like gorgeous huskies.


But for this caring family, it doesn’t matter what breed she is because she’ll always be a loving member of the family.

H/t: Diply

Phoebe found her forever home and she is so lucky to have been found by caring owners. She loves lounging on the deck (even if it’s cold) and has a beautiful home to play in. Please share this adorably cute husky / golden retriever mix with your friends and family.

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