Tattoo Artist Does a Good Deed Every Week for This Woman with Down Syndrome

People with physical or intellectual disabilities deserve to be treated equally and with respect. Suzie Barry wanted a temporary tattoo so she went to Muscle & Ink Tattoo in New Zealand and asked if they could apply a stick-on tattoo.

While some tattoo shops may have turned down the idea of applying temporary tattoos, Jason Ward of Muscle & Ink Tattoo didn’t. He prepared her skin like he would when applying a real tattoo and she was happy.

So happy in fact, that she returned the following Friday and every Friday after that to get a new tattoo. The best part however is that Ward applies the tattoo for free every single time! She takes pride in showing off her new free tattoo to her friends and family.

Suzie Barry gets a temporary free tattoo applied at Muscle & Ink Tattoo in New Zealand

Tattoos are a growing trend and these stylish professionals prove that tattoos in the workplace works for them. After this photo was posted to Confessions of a Tattoo Artist‘s Facebook page, it attracted a lot of attention and generated over 175,000 likes in only a few days. This story inspired me to also make a difference and take a moment each day to make somebody smile.

Please share how Jason Ward of Muscle & Ink Tattoo is paying it forward every week with your friends and family.

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