Do You Avoid Bananas with Black Spots on Them? Here Is What Happens to Your Body If You Eat Just One!

Growing up, most of us grew up eating apples, oranges, and bananas; however, supermarkets today have a tremendous variety of fruits and vegetables. Bananas probably aren’t as “trendy” as other superfoods like dragon fruit or avocados but bananas are considered the “world’s most perfect food.” They are packed with vitamins and nutrients but do you normally avoid eating overripe bananas with black spots? Do you know about the benefits of eating overripe bananas?

9 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Overripe Bananas.

Ripe bananas are healthy but overripe bananas are surprisingly even healthier for you and provide tons of nutrients our bodies need. One of the health benefits of overripe bananas is that they carry more Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF). TNF is a cancer-fighting substance in bananas that helps prevent abnormal cells in our bodies from growing and developing into cancer.

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Here are just some of the health benefits of eating overripe bananas:

Benefits of overripe bananas #1: Relieves heartburn

Bananas help relieve heartburn by acting as an antacid but only if they are covered with dark spots. Unripened bananas actually have more potassium nitrate which would be counterproductive because nitrates lead to heartburn.

Benefits of overripe bananas #2: Lowers your blood pressure

Because they are high in potassium, eating overripe bananas can help prevent strokes and heart attacks by helping your circulatory system function more efficiently.

Benefits of overripe bananas #3: Get a natural energy boost

Overripe bananas are sweeter because they contain more good carbohydrates and eating only two bananas provides enough energy for a 90-minute workout!

4) Prevent blood anemia

Bananas are rich in iron and help prevent some types of anemia.

5) Help soothe your ulcers

Bananas are the only fruit that won’t cause more pain during an ulcer flare-up. Because of the soft texture of overripe bananas, they help coat your stomach lining and prevent acid from aggravating your ulcers.

6) Helps with depression

Overripe bananas have extremely high levels of tryptophan which your body converts into serotonin, a “feel good” chemical that relaxes us and helps maintain a healthy mood balance.

7) No more constipation

In addition to being rich in vitamins and minerals, overripe bananas are also rich in fiber. Make trips to the washroom more regular with a daily serving of ripe or overripe bananas.

8) Beat PMS

Ripe bananas are rich in vitamin B6. There have been several studies showing the effectiveness of vitamin B6 in helping to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

9) Temperature control

Because bananas calm down your nervous system, this will contribute to making you less warm. You probably didn’t know that bananas with dark spots were nature’s air conditioner!

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I always loved eating bananas but had no idea ripe, black-spotted bananas were so much healthier for you! Sweet ripened bananas are also perfect for making these 3-ingredient banana egg muffins!

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