This Couple Tries to Wake Up Their Bulldog in the Morning. The Dog’s Response Is Hilarious!

Buddha the Bulldog Is Grumpy When His Owners Wake Him Up.

Have you ever hit the snooze button a few times before getting up? Waking up with your dog is something that all dog lovers can relate to and appreciate. But Buddha the Bulldog isn’t a morning dog and he just wants to lay in bed all morning.

But when his humans try to wake him up, he makes hilarious noises and his owner can’t contain his laughter. What Buddha does in the morning will have you laughing too because he is one funny dog!

Watch this grumpy dog and the hilarious sounds he makes when being woken up!

H/t: Rumble

Rise and shine Buddha! Buddha the Bulldog has a lot of hilarious things to say in the morning when he doesn’t get his coffee! He looks VERY comfortable lying on the comfy bed and I don’t think he’s going anywhere this morning LOL!

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