This Cat Has Alien-Like Eyes and She Is Taking Instagram by Storm. She Is Adorable and Loves to Snuggle.

Matilda the Blind Cat Has Alien-Like Eyes but Loves to Snuggle.

If you ever looked at drawings of aliens, most artists draw them with big bulging eyes so we generally perceive anything with similar eyes as something extra-terrestrial. This cat named Matilda is taking Instagram by storm due to her alien-like facial features and she is taking her internet fame in stride.

Matilda is a blind cat and her eye condition is caused by a rare genetic condition but she doesn’t feel any pain and her owners state that she walks around with ease. Here are some photos of the charming Matilda on Instagram.







Blending in #catsofinstagram #fashion

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Even aliens must rest from time to time. #sleepy #hardwork #catsofinstagram #alien

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Extreme goobery close-up to commemorate this #Caturday #catsofinstagram #cat #sleepy #closeup ????

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It does resemble a similar condition that Zeus the blind owl has where you can appear to see the galaxy in his eyes but in Matilda’s case, it’s somewhat different. If you’d like to see more incredible photos of Matilda the cat, please follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website

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