Canadian Groom Sings ‘Tum Hi Ho’ and the Reaction From His New Bride Is Priceless

Canadian Groom Serenades His Bride by Singing 'Tum Hi Ho'.

Frank Gregoire, who is French Canadian, serenaded his Indian bride, Simran, by singing the Bollywood hit ‘Tum Hi Ho’ at the couple’s Christian and Sikh wedding ceremony. As soon as he begins singing, Simran immediately becomes emotional as it is one of her favorite songs and is touched by his performance.

It took Gregoire nearly 6 weeks to learn the song and based on the reception it received, he couldn’t have done a more beautiful thing for his new bride. Frank, 36, is from Sherbrooke, Quebec and Simran, 27, is from Toronto, Ontario and they both met while working in Baltimore, Maryland. You can feel their emotions when viewing this very special video.

H/t: Rumble

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