You Will Never Imagine What a TEDx Presenter Turns This Carrot Into!

TEDx Presenter Linsey Pollak Turns a Carrot into a Carrot Clarinet.

Australian musician Linsey Pollak wowed a TEDx audience when he created something you’d never expect using simply a carrot and a drill. While he also needed a funnel and a saxophone mouthpiece, Pollak created a fully-functioning clarinet out of a single carrot.

He first bore out a hole that ran through the carrot and then fashioned seven finger holes so that he could create different sounds. You’ll be amazed at how great it sounds and it is simply made with common root vegetable!

Watch TEDx speaker Linsey Pollak create a carrot clarinet…


If you’d like to make your own carrot clarinet, there is the diagram on Linsey Pollak’s website. Please share TEDx speaker Linsey Pollak creating a carrot clarinet with your friends and family.

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