A Sheriff’s Deputy Has a Stand-Off With the Most Unlikely Suspect Ever. He Is so Cute!!

Northern saw-whet owl With Attitude Has a Cute Stand-Off With a Sherrif's Deputy.

I’ve always loved owls but this cute little Northern saw-whet owl almost stole my heart! Boulder County Sheriff’s Office deputies were driving near a campground when they spotted this cute little fella.

Deputy Sophie Berman got out of her car, kneeled down, and filmed this beautiful young owl. She interacts with it by talking to it and the owl responds with a cute whistling/clicking sound. This is one stand-off where the owl always wins…with cuteness!

Watch these Boulder County Sherri’s Deputies meet their feathery match, a Northern saw-whet owl!


Northern Saw-Whet Owls are the smallest owls in North America and adults are typically 6 to 8 inches tall. While they can have a wingspan of up to 42 inches, they are very close in size to the American robin on only 2.8 ounces on average! Please share this adorable Northern saw-whet owl having the cutest standoff with a deputy with your friends and family.

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