A Sweet Grandma Burst Into Tears When She Got the Best Gift Ever From Her Kids

83-Year-Old Grandma Boop's Reaction to Macy's Parade Birthday Gift.

If you have a dream you’ve had for years or even decades, just know that dreams do come true. Just like this 98-year-old grandma’s dream of playing the Grand Ole Opry came true, It did as well for a sweet 83-year-old grandma affectionately known as Grandma Boop by her family.

Grandma Boop has wanted to be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade for over 30 years. For her birthday gift, she received a knitted turkey cap, a Macy’s gift card, and a photo book but that wasn’t all. Her children surprised her with the gift of a lifetime: a trip to New York to appear in the parade. Once she realized she was going to be in the parade, she couldn’t hold back the tears.

Watch Grandma Boop’s priceless reaction to the best birthday present ever!


ABC7NY captured some video of┬áthe parade and she looks adorable dressed as a clown. You’re never too old to dream so hold on to them because you never know when they’ll come true!

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