Good Samaritan Helps Waitress at a Denny’s Restaurant

A couple of high school students stopped by Denny’s restaurant but after their meal, they skipped out on the check. After realizing this, the waitress began to tear up and search frantically through her wallet to cover their bill as the amount of their bill would have been taken off her pay.

A customer in the restaurant noticed what happened and gave the waitress a $40 tip to cover the outstanding amount of the student’s bill yet still provide a generous tip. The customer wrote “Hope this makes up for the skipped out bill!! Cheer up :)”. The good Samaritan was a friend of Reddit user coldxshivers who posted the original photo.

High school students skipped out on their bill and caused a lot of upset for their server. Thankfully, a couple saw what happened and covered the cost of their bill with a $40 tip…


H/t: Reddit

It’s a great feeling knowing there are good people who are willing to help others like this hardworking restaurant server.

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