You’ll Laugh When You Find out What a Flight Attendant Said to the Passengers

What a Southwest Flight Attendant Said to the Passengers Is Too Funny.

Many people are on edge or stressed out when flying. It’s generally because they either don’t like their seating arrangement, the passengers, or the in-flight movie. It’s a thankless job, but flight attendants are there to help with any problems and make your flight more enjoyable. This flight attendant went above and beyond her job description.

Martha Cobb, an hilarious Southwest flight attendant, is not a stand-up comedian but maybe she should be! She greeted the passengers with a safety speech that had everybody laughing and provided free entertainment for everyone on the flight.

Watch this hilarious Southwest flight attendant…


A flight attendant doesn’t need to be funny to be great at their job; however, having a sense of humor definitely made these passengers more relaxed and in good spirits. If you’re a frequent flyer, don’t miss this article to experience what¬†flying in 60s and 70s on a Boeing 747 was like.

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