This Biker Was Riding on the Side of a Cliff but What He Did next Had My Heart Pounding. OMG!

Fearless Stunt Cyclist Rides White Line Trail in Sedona, Arizona.

When it comes to daredevil stunts, it usually involves heights and a fearless person who is ready to take on any challenge. Michal Kollbek decided to put his cycling skills to test by riding the infamous White Line trail in Sedona, Arizona.

This Polish daredevil is only 30 years old; however, he decided to attempt to cycle down the near-vertical rock cliff to the next path and cycle back. His entire stunt was captured by a drone that was operated by his colleague Marshall Mullen. If you’re afraid of heights, you’ll probably sweat watching this death-defying stunt.

Watch this fearless biker ride the ‘White Line’ cliffside trail…


Kollbek is an expert and has won several downhill racing titles so please do not try this if you ever visit Red Rock State Park in Sedona, Arizona! Please share this incredible cycling stunt by Michal Kollbek with your friends and family.

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