He Grabbed Daddy’s Shaver and Gave Himself a Haircut. When He Turns Around…Dad Can’t Believe It.

Little Boy Shaves His Head with Daddy's Electric Razor.

Kids are curious and impressionable. When they see adults doing something, they sometimes also want to do the same thing. Just like the time this little girl cuts her own hair, this little boy also cut his own hair but with dad’s razor!

Based on how his haircut turned out, I don’t think he’ll want to try that again. His dad took a video of his new hairdo. This little fella sure looks sad and his caption reads, “I’ll never touch daddy’s razor again” and I think he definitely won’t again.

Watch this little boy explain why he shaves his own head…


He wanted to see what daddy’s razor would do. I’m pretty sure he won’t be tempted to try it again for many, many years. Please share this hilarious but unfortunate haircut for one curious little boy with your friends and family.

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