They Unite Around a Manger and Sing an Incredible a Cappella Rendition of ‘Silent Night’. It Will Give You Chills.

'Silent Night' Sung A Cappella by BYU Vocal Point.

‘Silent Night’ is without a doubt one of my favorite Christmas songs and whenever I hear a new rendition, it amazes me how artists can make this timeless classic even more special. BYU Vocal Point, a fantastic 9-man a cappella group, has recently released their version of ‘Silent Night’ and it is so wonderful it will give you chills.

Just like ‘Amazing Grace‘ by another talented a cappella group from Brigham Young University, BYU Noteworthy, this musical video is just as beautiful as the song itself. BYU Vocal Point bring together some of their amazing talent to create some of the sweetest harmonies you will ever hear. Watch and listen to this amazing rendition of ‘Silent Night’ sung a cappella by the talented young vocalists of BYU Vocal Point.


If you enjoyed this beautiful performance of ‘Silent Night’ by BYU Vocal Point, their song and album can also be purchased on iTunes. Please share this beautiful performance of ‘Silent Night’ with your friends and family.

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