18 Wedding Cake Toppers That Will Make You LOL!

When most couples plan their special day, they want their wedding day to be classy and upscale. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some humor thrown in for good measure. Humor is what makes weddings so memorable like this infamous JK wedding entrance dance!

The centerpiece of any wedding is the wedding cake and instead of going for the usual stiff looking bride and groom, these couples added some originality to their wedding cake with a hilarious cake topper. These 18 funny wedding cake toppers are sure to get a reaction from all your wedding guests!

1) Funny wedding cake toppers have the bride pulling him in.

2) A love pinch.

3) A couple that trains together, stays together.

4) The bride literally falling for her groom.

5) Addicted to love…and texting.

6) Hold on to your…

7) A night to remember?

18 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers - A night to remember?

MyModernMet / Benj Haisch

8) The couple is in a “stable” relationship.

9) Reeling in a great catch!

10) Someone didn’t like the ring.

11) A fairytale wedding.

12) Game over dude.

13) Meme Wedding.

14) It’s now sinking in…

18 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers - It's now sinking in...

Etsy / ChicagoFactory

15) Bridezilla.

16) Keep calm, women are always right.

17) Priorities first.

18 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers - Priorities first.

Source Unknown

18) Couch potato wedding.

18 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers - Couch potato wedding.

Source Unknown

Want more funny wedding cake toppers? Enjoy a bonus wedding cake topper in the following video:

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Any of these funny wedding cake toppers would surely be a hit at any wedding. Please share these funny wedding cake toppers with your friends and family.

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