2 Piano Players Were Having a Blast Until a Stranger Joined In and Made It Even Better

3 Men Playing Piano Together with 5-Hand Boogie Woogie.

Jonny May and Johnny Hodges are an infamous piano-playing duo at DisneyLand in California and their four-hand boogie woogie will have your hips shaking. They are pros at playing classic ragtime piano but on one special day, they got an unexpected guest…a complete stranger!

Without missing a beat, all three men were playing with a total of five hands on the piano making it a five-hand boogie woogie and it had the crowd cheering. This is what music is all about, great musicians coming together to create incredible music and unforgettable performances.


I love playing the piano but after seeing this performance, I may need to practice a lot more! Please share this awesome piano boogie performance with your friends and family.

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