35 Couple Tattoos for Couples Who Want to Express Their Eternal Love

Couple tattoos are a great way to show people your artistic side and they are accepted socially today including in most workplaces. Everyone from grandmothers to children is getting them done including this proud father.

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For all intents and purposes, tattoos are permanent and while many people get a tattoo to express their individuality, the following people received tattoos to express their undying love. If there is one way to show your partner that you want to share your life with them forever, tattoos are a unique way of showing your love.

1) Mickey and Minnie Mouse couple tattoos.

35 couple tattoos - Mickey and Minnie Mouse couple tattoos.

2) Two hearts beating as one.

35 couple tattoos - Two hearts beating as one couple tattoos.
Source Unknown

3) Flying together.

35 couple tattoos - Flying together couple tattoos.
Victoria Livermore

4) King and Queen of hearts couple tattoos.

35 couple tattoos - King and Queen of hearts couple tattoos

5) Making a pinky promise to each other.

35 couple tattoos - Pinky swear couple tattoos.
Source Unknown

6) Couples communicating.

35 couple tattoos - Couples communicating tattoo ideas

7) Couple tattoos for devoted Star Wars fans.

35 couple tattoos - Star Wars couple tattoos.
Source Unknown

8) A match made in Heaven.

35 couple tattoos - Heaven couple tattoos.
Source Unknown

9) Origami Birds.

35 couple tattoos - Origami birds couple tattoos

10) Cupid’s Arrow couple tattoos.

35 couple tattoos - Cupid's arrow couple tattoos.
Source Unknown

11) The perfect cup of tea.

35 couple tattoos - Perfect cup of tea couple tattoos.
Source Unknown

12) The day they found true love.

35 couple tattoos - Birth date UPC code couple tattoos.

13) One love, one heart.

35 couple tattoos - One love, one heart couple tattoos.
Source Unknown

14) A bridge built with love.

35 couple tattoos - A bridge built with love couple tattoos.
Mark Stern

15) Leaning in for a hug.

35 couple tattoos - Hugging couple tattoos.
Source Unknown

16) A royal couple.

35 couple tattoos - Royal couple tattoos.

17) Super Mario and Princess Peach couple tattoos.

35 couple tattoos - Super Mario and Princess Peach couple tattoos.

18) Yin Yang.

35 couple tattoos - Yin Yang couple tattoos.

19) RGB + CMYK = LOVE.

35 couple tattoos - Colors couple tattoos.

20) A perfect fit.

35 couple tattoos - Puzzle pieces couple tattoos.

21) You can’t have Yin without Yang.

35 couple tattoos - Yin and Yang couple tattoos.

22) Couple tattoos that are out of this world.

35 couple tattoos - Star Wars Lightsaber couple tattoos.

23) Futurama fans.

35 couple tattoos - Futurama couple tattoos.

24) Love for infinity tattoo.

35 couple tattoos - Love infinity couple tattoos.
Source Unknown

25) King and Queen couple tattoos.

35 couple tattoos - King and Queen couple tattoos.

26) Link saving Zelda.

35 couple tattoos - Link and Zelda couple tattoos.
Source Unknown

27) Colorful inverted hearts

35 couple tattoos - Inverted hearts couple tattoos.
Source Unknown

28) You hold the key to my heart.

35 couple tattoos - Lock and key couple tattoos.

29) A perfect kiss.

35 couple tattoos - Mice kissing couple tattoos.
Source Unknown

30) Couple tattoos for fans of Up!

35 couple tattoos - Up! couple tattoos.

31) A couple of lovebirds.

35 couple tattoos - Love birds couple tattoos.
Source Unknown

32) Snoopy loves Woodstock.

35 couple tattoos - Snoopy loves Woodstock couple tattoos.

33) Always and Protego.

35 couple tattoos - Always and Protego couple tattoos.

34) One Life, One Love.

35 couple tattoos - One life, one love couple tattoos.

35) Wine and glass.

35 couple tattoos - Wine and glass.

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Love is forever and these tattoos express the love these people have for each other and show the world that they were meant for each other. Please share these awesome ideas for tattoos with your friends and family.

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