16 Stylish Professionals Prove Tattoos Belong in the Workplace.

Different people have different opinions when it comes to tattoos in the workplace. But unlike in previous decades, body art is becoming known as an expression of one’s self and tattoos in the workplace are gradually being accepted by many employers. Some employers may not care if their employees have tattoos, while others may have a strict no-tattoo policy. Regardless, a recent article in Forbes state that tattoos are no longer a kiss of death in the workplace.

With more and more people getting tattoos, it’s only natural that employers would start to loosen their policies on them. The following urban professionals demonstrate that body art and tattoos work for them and their employers and they look classy, confident, and ooze style.

1) Tattoos in the workplace…



4) Tattoos for men and women have never been more popular.




8) Body art is becoming known as an expression of one’s self




12) While tattoos in the workplace used to be taboo…

13) …many employers are starting to loosen their policies on them.



16) These amazing people demonstrate that tattoos shouldn’t be an obstacle when it comes to employment.



I’m sure all of these individuals are at the top of their game and they all exude confidence. While tattoos used to be mostly relegated to the world of rock ‘n’ roll, that’s no longer the case. In fact, there are now all sorts of people with tattoos – from moms and dads to professors and CEOs. As more and more companies change their policies regarding body art, it finally shows that we are progressing as a society.

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