Jimmy Fallon Recalls a Time He Did THIS With Prince and He Couldn’t Stop Laughing

Jimmy Fallon Recalls Time He Played Ping-Pong with Prince.

Jimmy Fallon was a huge fan of Prince and during one of his shows, he enlightened the audience with a funny and touching tribute story about the late and great Prince. After inviting Prince to his show several times, one thing that Prince wanted to do was play ping-pong!

But after some back and forth discussions, the ping-pong game never happened on the show but instead, the audience was treated to an epic musical performance by Prince. He continues telling the story where Prince still wanted to play ping-pong but at a mysterious location. You have to listen to the entire story and the ending will have you laughing! Jimmy Fallon offers an emotional tribute to Prince…

Watch Jimmy Fallon give a funny but touching tribute to Prince…


Here are some of our favorite YouTube comments regarding Jimmy Fallon’s tribute to Prince:

  1. “This is the best story Jimmy Fallon has ever had on his show.” – Ryan Means
  2. “His purple tie ????” – Pal Cadaval
  3. “This had me in tears! Prince, the King of Shade, will be missed.” – Tiana C
  4. “‘Ask your boy.’ It was so worth hearing this story just for the ending.” – wudaddy
  5. “Someone needs to animate this.” – Angelo Bullo
  6. “Prince had the art of the ‘EXIT’ perfected!!” – carbonking53
  7. “Prince is one of those beings where his private life is as legendary as his public life.” – Ken Sherman
  8. “Cool story. Prince was VERY mysterious, but that’s Prince!” – Brian Herron
  9. “I still can’t believe he’s no longer here. Ugh….heartbroken! & devastated!!! ????????????????????????????????????????” – Morena G.
  10. “A great tribute to focus not on the fact that Prince died, but that he lived!” – Linda Edwards

Prince was a talented performer but personally, he was eccentric and personable and there are so many reasons why his fans loved him. He’ll be missed. Please share this touching, yet funny, tribute to Prince by Jimmy Fallon with your friends and family.

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