This Dog Receives an Early Christmas Gift of 210 Plastic Water Bottles and He Loves It

This Dog Received 210 Plastic Water Bottles for Christmas.

Maymo the Beagle is definitely in the Christmas spirit with this cute Santa hat. Little does he know that Santa came early and delivered a Christmas gift of 210 plastic water bottles stacked like a Christmas tree for his enjoyment. This is the best dog gift ever for Christmas and Maymo knows exactly what he’ll do.

Minutes later, he is in heaven chasing and rolling himself in empty water bottles and is as content as a kid with an empty cardboard box. Merry Christmas Maymo and make sure to recycle them afterward!

Watch Maymo the dog’s reaction when he receives 210 bottles for Christmas…


While getting a dog for Christmas is a great gift, this is the next best thing if you do have a dog. It would be a chore having to pick up 210 water bottles but it’s definitely worth it after seeing a dog having so much fun. Please share this moment when a Maymo the dog receives 210 plastic bottles for Christmas with your friends and family.

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