This Dog Was Rescued by Its Owners and He Was Able to Rescue Their Baby in Return

Duke the Dog Rescues His Owner's Baby With His Quick Action.

When the Brousseau family of Portland, CT, rescued Duke from a shelter, they never could have expected that their dog would later repay the favor by rescuing their 9-week-old daughter, Harper Brousseau.

Jenna Brousseau and her husband put their baby daughter to sleep like every other night but hours later, their dog Duke jumped on the couple’s bed and began to shake uncontrollably in order to wake them up. Because their dog never did this, they woke up and he led them to the babies room where they found their baby wasn’t breathing. After calling 911, paramedics arrived on scene and revived the child which was later brought to the hospital for observation.

Watch this heroic story of a rescue dog Duke saving a dying baby…


If it wasn’t for his quick thinking, this situation could have been tragic. Shelter dogs and rare dog breeds┬ámake incredible pets so consider visiting your local shelter and adopting your next dog or cat.

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