Hozier Gets a Huge Surprise at One of His Performances and He Is Overwhelmed with Joy

Hozier Is Overwhelmed with Joy by 20-Person Choir at His Show.

Imagine performing a hit song and having the entire front row sing with you in harmony. This is exactly what happened to Hozier, a talented Irish singer/songwriter, while he was performing his worldwide hit ‘Take Me To Church’.

A 20-person choir joined him while singing the chorus and the best part is that he had no idea and looked completely surprised and honored. He was performing at the Bus Palladium in Paris and Virgin Radio arranged for the church choir to sing with him.

Watch Hozier perform ‘Take Me To Church’ while he gets a wonderful surprise…


After the show, the humble musician expresses how happy he is to hear his song sung back to him. Please share this great performance of ‘Take Me To Church’ by Hozier with your family and friends.

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