8-Week-Old Puppy Sees a Mini Pumpkin for the First Time and He Doesn’t Know What to Think

8-Week-Old Corgi Puppy Meets a Mini Pumpkin for the First Time.

If there is one certain thing in this world, it’s that puppies are cute and this 8-week-old corgi puppy is even cuter. Mom dogs are especially proud of their puppies and they want what every mother wants, healthy children that grow up big and strong.

This tiny corgi puppy named Bilbo is only 8 weeks old but he’s already learning how to defend himself…against a mini pumpkin! It’s probably the first time he’s ever seen a mini pumpkin and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. Does he fight it? Does he bite into it? Bilbo doesn’t know what to do but his reaction is the cutest thing ever.

Watch this adorable corgi puppy that can’t deal with a mini pumpkin…


He’s probably thinking to himself, “What sorcery is this?”. Actually, it’s uncommon to have a pumpkin this small so he’s wise to be suspicious. LOL!

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