A Fisherman Notices Something Running Towards Him in the Distance. What He Does Next Is Adorable!

Brazen Mink Runs up to Fisherman and Takes One of His Fish.

If the weather isn’t too cold, ice fishing is a great way to spend time outdoors with friends and family. While catching fish is always a thrill, even if you don’t, it surely isn’t a wasted day.

One Russian fisherman was spending a relaxing day on the ice when he noticed a small animal running towards him. It was a mink and he surely wasn’t shy and was hoping to find some fish.

After sniffing around and locating a bucket which surely contained fish, he tries to dig his way into it. Hilariously, the fisherman removes the lid and pokes the mink with his fishing rod to get his attention. When the mink sees what’s inside, he couldn’t be happier and his reaction is adorable!

Watch a fisherman share his catch with a brazen mink while out ice fishing…


Unlike this couple that drives through the ice, you certainly want to make sure the ice is thick enough before going out on the lake. If you’ve never been ice fishing, it’s enjoyable and you might encounter a hungry little mink of your own!

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