Barber Tells Him to Grow a Beard and It Ends up Transforming His Life

Many of us have the desire to change some aspects of our lives at some point because change is good for the soul. It could be a new job, a new fashion style, or maybe a new hairstyle. For some men, growing a beard can provide a dramatic transformation and end up being their trademark look for decades. We’re not talking pet beards but the real thing. Beards have been a growing trend over the past several years and have spurred a beard care products industry catering to this emerging market.

A 21-year-old businessman, Gwilym Pugh, never thought of growing a beard until his barber suggested he do so. Working 12 hour days, Pugh was running a successful insurance company out of a spare bedroom in his home.

While he had a successful professional life, Pugh was not happy with his personal life. Working at a desk all day took a toll on Pugh’s health and his weight climbed up to 280 pounds. Wanting to make a change, he decided to change his diet, start exercising and grow a beard. His transformation is nothing short of amazing.

Gwilym Pugh ran a successful insurance business out of his home and regularly worked 12 hour days.

While he had a successful professional life, he was less happy with his personal life. Working at a desk every day, he became overweight and decided to clean up his diet and start exercising. His barber also suggested he grow a beard.

Instagram / @gwilymcpugh

While it didn’t happen overnight, his personal transformation is dramatic.

“A picture says a thousand words…Coming from being 22 years old, overweight, plagued with injuries, and unhappy barely leaving the house,”

Instagram / @gwilymcpugh

“I’m happier and healthier than I ever thought possible and doing things that didn’t even cross my mind to dream of.”

Instagram / @gwilymcpugh

Even with all of his success, Pugh remains humble and down to earth.

Instagram / @gwilymcpugh

He now gets to travel the world and share his ginger good looks with the world.

Instagram / @gwilymcpugh

“I think I’m lucky I got into this profession at the age that I did.”

Instagram / @gwilymcpugh

He’s worked hard to get the body he’s always wanted and deserves all of the success that comes with it.

“Having worked in finance for years, the opportunity to work with creative people and travel around the world is amazing.”

As a model, Pugh is even an ambassador for David Beckham’s new male grooming line, House 99.

“I try not to get caught up in it all and my girlfriend helps a great deal with that.”

Instagram / @gwilymcpugh

The before and after photographs speak for themselves…

Instagram / @gwilymcpugh

“It was the best thing for my health.”

Instagram / @gwilymcpugh

He now models for big brands like Diesel, Bud Light, Vans, and his career is only getting better.

Instagram / @gwilymcpugh

“Regular osteo treatment and morning mobility and HIIT workouts are what’s in order.”

Instagram / @gwilymcpugh

An avid photographer, he also started an Instagram account and now boasts over 300,000 followers.

Instagram / @exposurelondon

Thanks to Instagram, it was also there where he was spotted by Welsh tailor Nathan Palmer and given the opportunity to appear in Nathan Palmer’s 2015 collection.

“If we sit by and become complacent and put our heads in the sand, we’re complicit.”

Instagram / @gwilymcpugh

It’s not uncommon to spot himself on billboards and magazines like GQ across the UK and the world.

Instagram / @gwilymcpugh

If you’ve ever considered growing a beard, Pugh’s amazing photos are probably just what you needed to seal the deal.

Instagram / @gwilymcpugh

Going from sitting behind a desk for 12 hours a day to traveling the world as a model wasn’t easy; however, Gwilym Pugh is proof that if you put your mind to it and work hard, you can accomplish anything.

Instagram / @gwilymcpugh

H/t: Bored Panda

His story of going from a shy, overweight insurance salesman to a lean, confident ginger bearded model is nothing short of amazing. Gwilym Pugh’s amazing transformation provides inspiration to so many people. Please share this unbelievable transformation of a businessman that decided to grow a beard and become a model with your friends and family.

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