Unlikely Friends Having Fun on a Rooftop Will Warm Your Heart

I honestly always thought cats chased squirrels away but this pair of unlikely friends will make your day. A family had a pet squirrel that loved to play with the family cat; however, once he grew older, the forest was calling his name and the squirrel went out into the wild.

Cat and squirrel playing like they're the best of friends.

Because he knew where his real home was, he occasionally visits the family cat to play. The pair has the best time as you’ll see in the following video. I promise this is the cutest thing you’ll see all day! The video shows this adorable pair frolicking and playing together on the roof as they used to when the squirrel was a pet and living with the family.

Watch two unlikely friends playing on a roof…


They play together like they are the best of friends. It’s so amazing to see how this squirrel still remembers his old friend and stops by to play every now and then. It just goes to show that even animals from different species can be the best of friends! Even a cat and a deer could be friends! That just made my day and hope it also puts a smile on your day.

Can a squirrel and a cat really be friends?

Actually, it’s not unusual for cats and squirrels to be friends. Cats and squirrels have a lot in common: they’re both small, agile, and love to play. Plus, they’re both curious creatures who are always exploring their surroundings. So it’s no wonder that these two animals could become friends.

But it’s important to remember that for many cats, small rodents like mice and squirrels are often considered prey. So if you have a cat and a squirrel that are friends, be sure to keep an eye on them to make sure that the cat doesn’t hurt the squirrel. In the case of the cat and squirrel in the video, these two grew up together so it’s definitely a special friendship.

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