Horse and Goat Form Unlikely Friendship

Animals can surprise anyone and we’ve seen everything from a turtle befriending a parrot to a deer spending the morning with a cat. On a family farm named Kootenay Acres in Krestova, British Columbia, there are two animals that quickly formed a friendship. A goat named Arret has taken a particular interest in jumping on the back of a horse named Bouge. The two have French names with Arret, meaning to stop, and Bouge, meaning to move…red light, green light! I love it!

BC Horse and Goat Form Unlikely Friendship
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Farm owner Aimee Kootnikoff was just as surprised as anyone to see one of her goats jump atop her horse’s back. She didn’t have her phone; therefore, she couldn’t take a photo and felt she missed a precious opportunity to capture the moment. However, a few days later, Arret the goat jumped onto Bouge once more. The goat and horse friendship rekindled once more. In fact, they are such good friends that Arret likes to ride atop his friend for a couple of hours a day according to Kootnikoff. It also seems to be an exclusive friendship because Arret has not climbed onto other horses on the farm.

Watch a goat named Arret that loves horseback riding on his horse pal named Bouge…


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This friendly goat and horse have an understanding that their relationship benefits both of them. Arret the goat gets easier access to food by riding high and in return, Bouge the horse gets a back massage from the goat’s hoof walking across its back. In addition, it also gets its back scratched also which is an added bonus. Kootnikoff has also noticed that they communicate with each other through body language. When Arret wants to get on Bouge’s back, he places his front hoofs against the horse’s side.

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