This Photographer Took Pictures of His Daughters and They Will Make Your Day

These are not your traditional family photos but they’re incredibly better than the usual family portraits. Jason Lee, a professional photographer, wanted to share pictures of his daughters, Kristin and Kayla so that his mother could view them online. Because his mother had health issues, he couldn’t bring his daughters to see their grandmother because they regularly had colds and didn’t want to spread germs.

Instead, he created an awesome photo journal in 2006 so that he could share family photos but they are incredibly creative and will make you smile. His daughters, Kristin and Kayla, are now 10 and 7 years old respectively, and they contribute many of the ideas for each photo.

1) Kristin and Kayla know that sharing is caring!

2) Best way ever for getting gifts under the tree.

3) It’s so hot outside that you CAN fry an egg.

4) So that’s how she got so tall.

5) More ironing!

6) Who needs the playground when you have monkey bars at home.

7) They can’t wait for snow but the stairs work fine.

8) I think I have to sneeze…

9) She is so silly…

10) More laundry!

11) Adorable little witches getting ready for Halloween.

12) It might be difficult to blow out the candles 🙂

13) Some days, you just have to let your hair down.

14) That is the best garden ever!

15) This is how you really play Angry Birds.

16) I bet the Big Bad Wolf wasn’t expecting that Little Red Riding Hood had a sister.

17) The Super Mario Sisters.

18) Who needs a cup?

19) Blast off!

20) This is really what a bubble beard should look like.

21) The Tooth Fairy will love that one.

22) Awww, the girls kissing daddy on Father’s Day.

23) She wants her sister to wait there a minute.

24) Interesting reading.

25) She wants to have her cake now.

H/t: Bored Panda

Childhood is a beautiful thing and passes by so quickly but Jason has captured incredible moments and created beautiful photos that his family will enjoy for years to come. Please share these creative photos of Kristin and Kayla with your friends and family.

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