A Tiny Weiner Dog Encounters a Lion. What the Lion Does Next Is Going Viral!

Massive Lion and Tiny Dachshunds are Best Friends Forever.

Dachshunds are remarkably cute but what I love most about them is their fearless personality. They may be a small dog breed but someone forgot to tell them that and they aren’t afraid of anything.

Abby, a brave and tiny dachshund isn’t afraid of lions or anything bigger than herself. She lives at a wildlife park in Oklahoma with Bonedigger, a large Barbary lion. For that reason, it’s remarkable to see just how much Bonedigger loves playing with tiny Abby.

In fact, Bonedigger acts like a big brother and protects her whenever he feels she’s in danger. Just like this wolf that befriends a donkey, these two are the most unlikely friends you’ll ever meet and their friendship is so special!

Watch how this Lion loves his wiener dog…


I honestly never expected a massive lion like Bonedigger to be Abby’s BFF but their friendship is outstanding. Please share this lion named Bonedigger that is friends with a wiener dog named Abby with your friends and family.

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