She Made Her Boxed Cake Mix Taste as Amazing as a Bakery Cake. Here Are 4 Things She Did…

4 Cake Mix Hacks to Upgrade Your Boxed Cake Mix to Bakery Quality.

In the past, I NEVER used to make cakes using boxed cake mixes because making it from scratch just made it taste richer for some reason. But boxed cake mixes have come a long way and many of them make incredibly moist and flavorful cakes.

But if you want to make your boxed cake mix taste even better and get your homemade cake to taste as great as a bakery cake, the following 4 tips from Sunny Anderson will make it taste amazing! Sunny Anderson is a Food Network celebrity and she shared these awesome tips on the Rachael Ray Show.

Watch how to upgrade your chocolate cake box mix with these 4 brilliant cake mix hacks…


Most cake mixes ask for eggs, water, and oil but making the following changes outlined in the video will make your boxed cake taste closer to homemade:

  1. First, instead of water use milk. It’s richer and adds flavor.
  2. Second, instead of vegetable oil, use melted butter. Again, it’s all about adding flavor as vegetable oil generally has a neutral flavor.
  3. Finally, whether the cake mix asks for two or three eggs, add 2 extra egg yolks for added richness.

Please remember that these tips apply to ANY boxed cake mix that asks for water, eggs, and oil and not only to chocolate cake mixes. Now that you have your cake mix ready, you can make these adorable Baby Groot cupcakes to satisfy ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ fans!

Please share these 4 awesome cake mix hacks to upgrade your boxed cake mixes with your friends and family.

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