This Gardener Put Forks in His Garden and the Reason Why Is Totally Genius!

If you love gardening as much as I do, you can’t wait until winter snow starts to melt so that you can plan your garden for the spring and summer season. Whether you have a green thumb or you don’t, having a good set of tools and tips you learn along the way can increase your chances of having a successful garden every year.

There are a variety of things you can buy but here are 14 garden ideas and tips for using things around your home to make your garden bloom or to beautify your yard or living space.

1) Garden ideas for making a colorful vertical garden.

If your fence looks dull or you just need a little more gardening space, secure beautiful terra-cotta pots to your fence and plant flowers, herbs, or vegetables! Here is the full tutorial for building a DIY colorful vertical garden on your fence.

2) Build a DIY hanging colander planter.


This is a great way to repurpose an old colander or purchase one from the dollar store to decorate. You’ll only need a few supplies and here are the full instructions for creating a beautiful and creative hanging colander planter.

3) Improve your garden soil with items you’d typically throw away.

Banana peels add moisture and nutrients to your garden such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and so much more. To help them break down faster, simply tear the peels into smaller pieces before adding them to your soil.

Coffee grounds are like fertilizer and add nitrogen to the soil as it breaks down. They also add a little acidity to the soil for acid-loving plants.

Egg shells add calcium to your soil and improve drainage. Simply make sure to let them dry a few days so they become brittle and break easily when mixed into the soil. For more detailed instructions on how to use these 3 items in your soil, visit Whole Food Home.

4) Create hanging bottle gardens.

If you have a spot on your porch or patio that gets plenty of sunlight, build attractive bottle gardens and watch them bloom. This would be perfect for strawberry plants or herbs and spices. Here is how to create DIY hanging bottle gardens.

5) Use a muffin tin to create perfectly spaced holes to plant seeds or plants.

This tip creates straight rows in your garden and perfectly spaced plants. If you have larger plants you can skip a few holes or even use mini muffin tins if you need tighter spacing. Hare are more details to get the most out of this gardening muffin tin hack.

6) Upcycle old spoons to make colorful garden markers.

All you need to do is wrap a towel around a spoon and carefully hit it with a hammer until it’s flat.

The fun part is getting to decorate them! Here is a tutorial for creating DIY garden marker spoons.

7) Turn an old sink into a planter.

This would look beautiful in a garden and it’s a one-of-a-kind item. Read how Cherry Hill Cottage transformed a cast iron sink and an old sewing machine stand into this beautiful planter.

8) Turn a wine bottle into a DIY self-watering bottle for your garden.

Why buy self-watering gadgets when you can make your own using empty glass bottles? Simply fill an empty bottle with water and push the bottle neck down into your soil. Here are 3 DIY ideas for self-watering your garden.

9) Make plastic spoon garden markers.

Don’t have any old silverware to make the garden spoons shown in #6? Simply use plastic spoons instead!!

Because they are plastic, you can already buy them in multiple colors at the dollar store and simply paint them yourself. Here is a full tutorial for creating colorful DIY plastic spoon garden markers.

10) Place plastic forks in your garden to deter garden pests.

Plastic forks won’t injure animals such as bunnies or squirrels but will simply scare them away. A great way to safely deter pests from your garden without using pesticides or harsh chemicals.

11) Turn soda cans into decorative planters.

14 DIY Gardening Tips & Projects - Turn soda cans into decorative planters.

YouTube / WhatsUpMoms

First she removes the top with a can opener.

14 DIY Gardening Tips & Projects - Turn soda cans into decorative planters.

YouTube / WhatsUpMoms

Gives it a colorful coat of paint.

14 DIY Gardening Tips & Projects - Turn soda cans into decorative planters.

YouTube / WhatsUpMoms

Voila! Gardent ideas that cost virtually nothing. Beautiful DIY herb and spice planters with blackboard paint so you can easily label them. Watch how WhatsUpMoms transforms soda cans into decorative planters.

12) Use wine bottles to create beautiful garden edging.

If you have a lot of empty wine bottles but don’t want to recycle them, use them to create a colorful border along walkways or around your garden. Here are great garden ideas for making wine bottle garden edging.

13) Create a colander planter wind chime.

If you love the colander planter shown in #2, why not kick it up a notch and also make it a wind chime!

This lovely garden decor will sound as great as it looks. Here are the full instructions for making a DIY colander planter wind chime.

14) Build a raised garden for low-maintenance gardening.

Raised gardens are a very popular option if you want to allocate space that is easily accessible and also want to keep pests away. If you have back problems or find it more difficult to maintain a traditional garden, raised gardens makes it easier to enjoy gardening. This version is fenced in and even has a gate! You can easily build something like this if you’re skilled at woodworking or you can purchase this cedar raised garden kit from eartheasy.

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There are so many great garden ideas to making our gardens beautiful and hope you enjoyed these 14 garden ideas. Please share these 14 DIY garden ideas with your friends and family.

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