Here Is What School Lunches Look Like Around the World

Every day, 32 million children in the United States eat their lunch at school and many opt for the school cafeteria. With childhood obesity on the rise, Sweetgreen, an organization that educates kids about healthy eating and exercise, wants to bring awareness to what our kids are eating at school.

When you compare school lunches with other countries around the world, the U.S. falls short on nutrition. Most foods served in school cafeterias are fried, processed, loaded with fat, or simply have little to no nutrition.

School Lunches Around the World:


Sautéed shrimp over brown rice and vegetables, gazpacho, fresh peppers, bread and an orange.


Local fish on a bed of arugula, pasta with tomato sauce, Caprese salad, baguette and some grapes.


Baked chicken over orzo, stuffed grape leaves, tomato and cucumber salad, fresh oranges, and Greek yogurt with pomegranate seeds.


Pork with mixed veggies, black beans and rice, salad, bread and baked plantains.


Steak, carrots, green beans, cheese and fresh fruit.


Mashed potatoes with sausage, borscht, cabbage, and syrniki (a dessert pancake).

South Korea

Fish soup, tofu over rice, kimchi and fresh veggies.


Pea soup, beet salad, carrot salad, bread and pannukkau (dessert pancake) with fresh berries.


Deep fried ‘popcorn’ chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, fruit cup and a chocolate chip cookie.

School cafeterias have improved their menus over the years but there is still work to be done. Visit Sweetgreen to get more information about their programs to help teach children to make better food choices and help schools prepare more nutritious meals.

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