Blind Mom Goes in for an Ultrasound and Gets an Unexpected Surprise

Blind Mom Meets Her Unborn Baby With 3D-Printed Ultrasound

Blind individuals can feel and “see” things because their other senses such as touch become increasingly sensitive. The blind can visualize everything they touch and for one expecting mother, she never expected to see her unborn baby when going in for a routine ultrasound.

Like most expectant mothers, Tatiana who lost her vision at 17 years old, is counting the days until her bundle of joy arrives into the world; however, her doctor had a special surprise that day that is so special, it will warm your heart. The feeling she experiences at that moment cannot be described and must be seen.

Watch the Huggies Commercial ‘Meeting Murilo’ and the gift of 3D-printed ultrasound for blind expectant mothers…


Huggies presented her with a gift of a 3D-printed ultrasound that she can hold onto until the day she can embrace her newborn child. Please share this heartwarming story of motherhood with your friends and family.

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