Blind Man Sees His Wife and Young Son for the First Time and It’s Incredible

ESight Glasses Let Blind Man Sees His Family for the First Time With on Rachael Ray.

There are so many things we take for granted every day. We are blessed with senses such as vision, taste, touch, smell, and hearing. Losing one of those senses such as vision can be a traumatic experience. One of the most frequent forms of macular degeneration which leads to vision loss is Stargardt’s Disease.

Gene Purdie was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease over 16 years ago; however, his vision loss has been progressive and he now sees only outlines of people and objects. A new breakthrough in glasses called eSight allows people with severe vision loss to see again and Rachael Ray invited Purdie and his family to try them on. His reaction when he sees his wife and son for the first time will have you reaching for a tissue.

Watch a beautiful moment when a blind man sees his family for the first time…


What made this day even better? Rachael Ray has always been a very generous person and she gave Purdie a pair of eSight glasses valued at over $15,000 so he can see his family clearly every day. Please share this beautiful moment when a blind man sees his family for the first time with your friends and family.

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