This Man Rolls Together Bacon, Beef, and Cheese and Creates a Dish That Will Have Your Mouth Watering

BBQ Bacon Sushi Recipe is the Ultimate Bacon, Beef, and Cheese Delight

I love to cook and always have enjoyed dishes that infuse different flavors or that use different ingredients to create something unexpected but delicious. This recipe for BBQ bacon sushi would definitely fall into the latter category. It uses ingredients not normally found in sushi rolls but it creates something equally delicious.

Some people don’t like sushi because they don’t like seafood, raw or cooked, so this makes a great dish for meat lovers. Best of all, it can be roasted in an oven or grilled on the BBQ for maximum flavor. Serve it in this great white shark sushi plate to make it even more fun.

Watch how to make BBQ bacon sushi…


Ingredients for BBQ bacon sushi rolls:

  • 12 slices of bacon
  • 500g minced beef (1 pound)
  • BBQ rub or seasoning powder
  • 2 sticks of Emmental-type cheese
  • your favorite BBQ sauce
  • pickled jalapenos, chopped
  • roasted onions
  • crumbled nachos

Please watch the video or visit Cook with Meat for the recipe and directions. Please share this excellent recipe for BBQ Bacon Sushi rolls with your friends and family.

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